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What is MentorAide ?

Welcome to Mentoraide where we bridges the gap between college and career by offering a holistic platform that provides industry awareness, practical learning, and real-world exposure. We aspire to empower students, transforming them into skilled and confident professionals prepared for the workforce's challenges.

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Our Upskilling Courses

Data Structures & Algorithms

A systematic live DSA training that progresses from language basics for novices to more complex subjects like segment trees, graph algorithms, sparse tables, etc.

Fullstack Development

Gain knowledge of developing whole applications from beginning to end using the most flexible tech stack, the MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js

Introduction to UX Design

The UI UX Design Course track aims to provide you a thorough grasp of UX design and how to apply it to a variety of projects, from beginner-level UX and UI to advanced-level AR experiences. You will be completely ready to ace your UX design interviews.

Introduction to Python

Welcome to the Beginner's Python Course! Covering essential topics like Python basics, data structures,and objectoriented programming, this course offers a certificate upon completion. Dive into programming with us!

Here is What You Get Out Of MentorAide ?

Industry-Relevant Skills

At MentorAide, you gain practical, industry-specific skills that employers are looking for. Our courses are designed to make you job-ready from day one.

🖥️ Real-World Internships

We connect you with high-quality internship opportunities, allowing you to apply your knowledge in real work settings and build a strong professional portfolio.

Benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals who are committed to your success. Our mentors and instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals.

🤵 Expert Guidance
🌐Supportive Community
💼Career Advancement
🚀Guaranteed Internships:

Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about learning and growth. Connect, collaborate, and network with fellow students and professionals.

MentorAide is your bridge to a successful career. Our focus is not just on education but on helping you secure a meaningful job and excel in your chosen field.

MentorAide not only equips you with the skills and knowledge but also guarantees internship placements to kickstart your professional journey. We're committed to helping you secure valuable hands-on experience in your chosen field.

Why Choose MentorAide?

MentorAide isn't just another online learning platform. We're your partners in progress. We'll provide you with the skills, knowledge, and support you need to thrive in your academic and professional journey.

Authenticated and Verified Certificate of Completion

To increase your professional credibility, add the certificate to your resume or curriculum vitae or post it directly on LinkedIn.

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”I'm off to a great start in DSA. The finest thing is that all topics are presented with questions and in order, covering each one in detail. Anuj has a highly logical approach to all coding issues. I felt a lot more confident with DSA and solving difficulties related to it after watching his presentations.”

- Mradul Solanki Intern

Here's what our students say

”The aspect of this course that I appreciate the most is how you teach. You don't simply discuss a subject; you also write the code for it and explain how, when, and where to utilize it. One can practice many of the course's problems (more than 200) in-class. I sincerely appreciate all of your work.”

- Vishal Nath Tiwari SDE

”I was hired by tech observ as a DevOps Engineer. Everything began with your Java DSA placement course, which was very helpful to me. I also listened to your playlist on Android development and submitted the identical projects during my third year with some modifications. I was happy that I was able to learn from your courses.”

- Mayank Singh SDE

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